What is a Restaurant Insider Freelancer?

Chris Spinney Restaurant Insider Freelancer

Hi, My name is Chris and I am a Dad, Cook, and Restaurant Insider Freelancer for HIRE, (Not necessarily in that order.)

“I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for almost 20 years. This gives me unique Restaurant Insider knowledge on the inner workings of Commercial Kitchens!”

What did this teach me?

“Working in a commercial kitchen is not for the faint of heart. Mandatory long hours, weekends, and holiday are often a struggle. Add in a stress level above that of most careers. The foodservice industry often creates an enviornment where many employees fall into the trap of Alcohol & Drug Addiction,” but that’s another story.

The experiences I learned in my past career taught me invaluable lessons in cooking, life, kitchen management, food service, kitchen equipment, recipes, and addiction.

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A Restaurant Insider Freelancer Is?

Let’s break this down.

  • We all know what a restaurant is. (Food Glorious Food!)
  • According to Wikipedia an Insider: Has firsthand, material knowledge. Insider information may be thought of as more accurate and [or, more] valuable than expert opinion.
  • A Freelancer? Someone providing a service who is usually self-employed. In my case, writing.

To sum it up. I have firsthand knowledge of the restaurant industry, and would gladly use it to write for you!

To query me about an article, post or other need email me here. Please put “Query” in the email subject.

I often write foodservice posts and articles on:

  • Food Recipies
  • Cooking & Cleaning Procedures
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Staff or HR Issues
  • Kitchen Cleanliness
  • Kitchen Organization
  • Product Reviews and more.

Rates are negotiated by the terms of assignment.

I will happily oblige another topic.

Looking for the addiction portion of the blog? Look here.

Not sure about something? Just ask!